Diva Duck Arrives

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Anastacia designed a Diva Duck that will go on sale at in August.

Here is a video from Anastacia's Twitter of the duck's arrival!

Charity Golf Day

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The first Anastacia Fund Charity Golf Day took place in London yesterday, Saturday 25th June.

Thanks to generous donations from golfers and fans alike, we are very pleased to announce that Anastacia Fan Club UK will be making a donation of £2,300 to The Anastacia Fund!

We are hoping this will become an annual event, and look forward to bigger and better things next summer!

As this fundraising event was so sucessful, we are looking at ways of organising more annual events - keep checking back to see what we have in store!

Singles and Album

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Anastacia has revealed on Twitter that she will be releasing a few singles this year, and a whole album in 2012!


Mastercard's 'Something For The Fans'

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To celebrate MasterCard’s ongoing sponsorship of the BRITs they’re giving the people that matter, the fans, the chance to WIN a Priceless Music Collectable previously cherished by their favourite artist.

Anastacia's very own Luciano Padovan shoes are included.

 "Anastacia is still Outta Love but she’s looking for it... lots of it. 

 The US crooner told me: “I wanna be a rugby groupy. Those guys are hot.” But she ruled out Charlotte Church’s ex Gavin Henson. Speaking ahead of the Brits, she said: “Computer says no to Gavin.” Anastacia, 42, will join the likes of Rod Stewart and the Ting Tings donating items for fans to win in a Mastercard competition at Something For The Fans.

Thanks to Callum at Anastacia Dreams.

Natalia Meets...

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Anastacia is currently in Belgium rehearsing for the Natalia Meets... concerts which begin tomorrow, January 14th.

I have been told that their outfits for the show are amazing, I can't wait to see them!

You can see a video of the rehersals here.


Hoodies and T-Shirts

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Fan Club Hoodies and T-Shirts are available in our all new online store.

Check it out - Here


I have been told that the Hoodie will be very close to the colour of the T-Shirt in these pictures.

New Design & Twitter

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Welcome to the new look Anastacia Fan Club UK Website - apologies to those who have already registered via email, you will need to register again. This time you have access to photos, videos, forums and exclusive competitions!

You'll be able to become part of the UK's freakiest community!



Anastacia sent a lovely photo through Twitter the other day, all set for her road trip to Cardiff for the Here Come The Girls show last night with a Starbucks and Diet Coke! Wonder what her starbucks drink is?