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Posted on February 19, 2011 at 8:09 AM

You’re currently performing with Natalia it Belgium. How did this collaboration come about? (How did you meet?)

Natalia actually asked me. Her videotape of past shows came in, I watched it and was impressed by her talent. I thought, wow, what an interesting project to do. Little did I know we'd be really good mates and much more came out of it than first planned.

How many shows?

Started with two, now we’re at six to seven. It’s the gift that keeps giving! The last show is on the 28" of January, but I think they’re trying to add another one.

You‘re a strong woman, an example to many, and in 2009 you won the ‘World Artist Award’ during the Women’s World Award ceremony. How did it feel to win this prize?

It allows you to know you're not forgotten. I’m always trying to reinvent myself - not in Lady Gaga style - but just trying to find the person I’m trying to be and am morphing into as l'm growing older. Making sure not to forget who I was, but maybe you're not the same person you were 20 years ago, but sort of a different version. l've been golng through those metamorphoses the last ten years.

What is your message to women around the worId?

The same message I try to give myself is to try not to lose yourself, with so many distractions of fashion and emotions and love and work and family. There can be so many distractlons that make you forget what your purpose ls. But then agaln, do we understand our real purpose? For example, when you become a mother it changes. The pendulum swings to what’s important, so it's always taking the temperature of where you need to be at that particular time. You’re not always going to be right, sometimes we jump the gun. I think that all of us have to give ourselves a bit of credit for being able to make mistakes. Seeing all the beautiful magazines, lt's hard for us to think we can be less than perfect. Me being a true perfectionist, it's definitely difficult to hold that motto true, it speaks in my head quite a lot. I just have to keep on getting people like you to interview me, and I have to stop trying to be a perfectionist.


Do you have a muse?

Different muses creatively Inspire me. l've been inspired by many different things. I flnd that if I get too distracted then I almost want to be more like that person and lose the ultimate motion of whoever l am. And because I am an artist and I have my own style, my own sound, it‘s really important to try and understand what that is and not listen to the Amy Wlnehouse’s and the Lady Gaga's and go ‘I want to be like them. I have to remember we got my own thing going on. I need to allow myself go ‘oh ok, l'm good'. lt’s kind of a recipe that it works, you can’t doubt yourself too much, and you should allow yourself to embrace what's yours. Instead of trying to take a taste of the entire buffet, and then eventually ending up a hundred thousand pounds.


When and how did you first discover Marlies|Dekkers?

I think it was durlng an MTV event and she had a llttle booth. and I just so happened to walk by, and I loved it! I went into the store, and wanted to buy all the lingerie. I realised that her collection wasn’t really made for just undeneath clothes, it’s actually a lot more about being able to show, revealing some of the art that the female body is. And for me being a very big busted woman the fit is really Important. It feels really natural. You tend to get really worried about where they're going to go... haha. lt ticks all the boxes for me.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I'm working on a new album, the direction is different, which I’m really excited about. I have a new project that’s coming up, it’s huge, I won’t tell yet, but you'll find out what it is. It all goes in line with the album. This year into the next couple of years are going to be very busy for me. I’ve been out of the scene for a couple of years, but I’m back. stronger than ever.


Source - Marlies Dekkers

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